• Extraordinary chart of the stars 
  • Printed on splendid forex photo board 
  • lifetime memories 
  • Custom star map  
  • Quality photo on star map 

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MixBlox: Versatile mini photo blocks

  • photo canvas print front view
  • photo canvas print front view

MixBlox provides unrivaled versatility. These happy, tactual blocks come published together along with your pictures – and the print is more advantageous through the appealing 3-D impact of the acryli

Small acrylic blocks along with your pictures

  • Colorful print replication 
  • Free-standing decorative objects 
  • Crystal-clean natural acrylic glass 
  • Resistant to UV and moisture damage 
  • unaffected by knocks and shocks 

Metal Photo Prints – Simply Magical Wall Art

Top-class photo reproduction

Your pictures are published directly onto the 2” x 2” acrylic MixBlox. Our revolutionary UV direct-print approach guarantees that the colors and minute details are replicated with exquisite accuracy, at the same time as the 1”-thick glass provides the greater intensity with a shining 3-D impact.  Printed with a loved photo out of your non-public series, every block is changed into a miniature painting of art!  

A sparkling association every time

How you blend your MixBlox is restricted only through your capacity of imagination – you may line them up, hack them, group them or separate them! Whether as stand-by myself accent portions or organized in groups, your pics are assured to attract the eye. The crystal-clean acrylic glass will provide your pictures new life, accomplishing gradients, attracting the light, and generating miraculous reflections.  

Exhibit on any horizontal plane

Perhaps your table or bookshelf may want to use a chunk of extra personality? Or you need a sparkling look for your bedside desk however you’re confined by lack of space? Then this is the appropriate picture graph product for you – and there aren't any nails or screws needed. small sufficient to discover a home nearly everywhere there’s a horizontal surface, MixBlox will convey a few playful allure to any workspace or domestic!  

Building blocks of high-quality layout

MixBlox is sized accurately, however they come up with a wow element that’s huge and bold. With their adorable dinky length and economical price, as soon as you’ve got your first block you’ll need your series to develop and develop! They make the correct present for family and friends, however, we understand you’ll need to preserve some blocks only for you. Choose MixBlox and make a layout statement together along with your picture graph memories!  

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