Your Photo on Mouse Pad

  • Convenient to use and keep a mousepad 
  • High-quality fabric and texture 
  • Cushion-like, soft and durable customized mouse pads 
  • Great choices of size & designs 
  • Quality photo prints on mousepad 

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Photo To Art

  • Quality Product
  • Efficient Cost
  • Great designs
  • Premium prints
  • Amazing texture
  • Customizable and Affordable

What is our Photo Mouse Pad?

  • photo canvas print front view
  • photo canvas print front view
  • photo canvas print front view
  • photo canvas print front view

Our customized photo mouse pad includes a photograph, logo, or messages of your choice so that you can relive your happiest moments of life while using your computer, our customized photo mouse pad ..

What is our photo mouse pad?

  • A mouse pad with customized photo prints of great quality 
  • Washable print on the soft and flexible texture mouse pad 
  • With designs convenient to use on the table 
  • The non-slip surface for proper use 
  • Premium quality mouse pads with great fabric and print 

Personalized Mouse Pad to Enliven Your Office Space

Give You the Personal Touch with a Photo on Mouse Pad

If you think that it is boring to have photo frames or photo mugs, you should definitely try this out. In this era of work from home and online classes computer are full of use, if you stay away from your house, you can print a photo of your family to feel like they are always there for you or if you want to stay motivated, you can print a message on mouse pad too, it gives a real effect.

High-Quality Printing Within Arm’s Reach

We offer you a super smooth surface and a decent amount of thickness with realistic imprints of your choice, you are going to get a perfect arm’s reach and it feels comfortable on the hand.  

An Office Item with True Emotional Resonance

Our customized photo mousepad is the perfect office item that will be loved by everyone, it is one of the best little items which can stay with you without consuming any space so that you could relive and enjoy your best moment of life.  

Liven Up Your Work Environment in an Original Way

Our customized photo mousepad turns your boring and stressed office environment into a happy place, full of people you love in a very affordable manner, these mousepads are budget-friendly and made up of high-quality material, it is long-lasting and looks realistic.  

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