Your Photo on Forex

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  • Accurate trim paintings and smartly rounded corners 
  • Comes with a free of cost hanger set 

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Format Retail Price Sale Price
8x8 $ 52.99 $ 19.99
8x12 $ 62.99 $ 27.99
12x16 $ 98.99 $ 34.99
16x20 $ 109.99 $ 42.99
20x20 $ 119.99 $ 45.99
12x36 $ 129.99 $ 53.99
20x24 $ 139.99 $ 58.99
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What is our Forex ® Photo Board Print?

  • photo canvas print front view
  • photo canvas print front view
  • photo canvas print front view
  • photo canvas print front view

High-Quality Image Reproduction on Forex ® Prints

Photo Printing on Authentic Photo Paper

Printed on actual picture graph paper, your loved image will radiate in its complete glory. all thanks to our delicate 12-shades printing technology, your selected picture graph will be introduced to exquisite sharpness and shade richness as soon as it’s imprinted on the Forex panel.  The stylish definition and colorful shading of your picture graph print on Forex will most effectively be improved through the extraordinary defensive laminate protecting the floor of your picture graph print.  

The connection between technology and craftsmanship

A synthesis of handmade substances and high-technological completing strategies will flip your picture graph right into an actual feat of design. Each picture graph print is cautiously implemented to a hard foam panel that is later shaped with professional care to offer beautifully rounded corners. The entire process is done separately for each graphic printed in Forex, requiring careful precision of personnel and technology. The end result is an unusual art decoration on the walls.  

Light, Paper-Thin and Perfect for Any Wall

The super-light pure-white Forex panel is a steady, ¼“-thick hard foam surface. Using Forex is a revolution meaning we are able to create extra-light ornamental items – now there cannot be a wall that can’t be decorated together along with your favored print designs. External areas and possibly inclined surfaces (such as tile partition walls) are not a problem. Forex prints are flexible ornamental portions that require nothing other than an easy photograph hook to hold up.  

Comes showcase-Ready and Packed for Maximum protection

Each object enters the producing cycle minutes after the fee is received, and in only a few days your order will arrive secure and packed to perfection, brought through our relied-on logistics partner.  All the codecs for the Forex picture graph print, ranging in length from 8” x 8” as much as 30” x 40”, include a free-of-cost hanger to take the pressure out of placing up your new wall art!  

Formats and Prices

8"x8" $ 52.99 $ 19.99
20"x20" $ 119.99 $ 45.99
30"x30" $ 169.99 $ 85.99
8"x12" $ 62.99 $ 27.99
12"x16" $ 98.99 $ 34.99
12"x36" $ 129.99 $ 53.99
16"x20" $ 109.99 $ 42.99
20"x24" $ 139.99 $ 58.99
20"x30" $ 155.99 $ 62.99

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